Is it worth investing in consulting for your company?

Companies often have potential that they cannot identify or use without external help. But it can also be the case that ideas are not supported by all employees or vice versa. A professional consultant sharpens the focus on the essentials and can better explain the value of new processes or the need for changes to employees. Developing strategies is one thing. Implementing strategies and projects sometimes requires some support.

We develop solutions together with you and support you in the implementation.

Due to changed conditions, companies have to make constant adjustments. The pressure that this creates increases steadily, while at the same time the change cycles become shorter.
With our services in the field of business development, we support you in the critical development steps for your business of tomorrow and find the right solution for your transformation.

We shape the future. Together.

Now is the time to reinvent yourself

Markets and supply chains have changed drastically in recent years. New sales strategies, market access, contacts and alliances are required. Business models have to adapt to the changed circumstances.


Many traditional sales tools stop working. Customers are quitting or changing their buying behavior. Sales or margins collapse.

We recommend our customers to act quickly.

An externally moderated sales planning and analysis of your business model help you to adapt quickly to the changed situation, to win new customers or to bring back old ones.

Supply Chain Management

A sustainable and transparent supply chain is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of corporate strategies and value chains.

In particular, risks and dependencies change and influence the competitiveness of companies.

We help you to align the supply chains for the future, to achieve more resilience and flexibility.

Process optimization

Slow processes and time-consuming coordination draws back organizations and cause customer dissatisfaction. Resources are wasted because system breaks or unclear guidelines prevent efficiency.

High performance requires efficient procedures and stable processes. We help you to improve your processes. With this, you create the essential prerequisites for your economic success.

Interim and project management

Often your own resources are not sufficient to bridge a vacancy, to supervise a project or to finalize it. Sometimes, external expert knowledge is required.

We would be happy to support you with suitable interim and project managers.

We work according to modern project management methods and keep an overview.

Location management

Are you thinking of setting up a new location in Germany or Europe or of relocating production or business processes?

We manage or accompany your projects on site and ensure a transparent, fast and cost-effective implementation. We compare your requirements with location factors and support you with our knowledge of general and local conditions.

About us

Rolf Kupek
Managing Director
After studying mechanical engineering, over 30 years of professional experience in international project management and more than 20 years as managing partner of a service company, Rolf Kupek handed over KUPEK GmbH to a successor. With KUPEK consulting & business development, the network that has been created and maintained over the years is used in addition to its own expertise to support medium-sized companies in their transformation processes.


Winning new customers and successfully selling your own services is not a sure-fire success. A good sales strategy lays the foundation for the company’s success. Sales planning defines how sales should work and, above all, how it can be scaled.

The baseine for sales planning can be worked out very well by a team in a workshop, as many cross-functional questions have to be answered. It should then be summarized as a concept by one person and approved by management. This creates the framework for the quick and optimal start of sales activities.

As a first step, we recommend creating a market analysis in order to identify the overall potential, the market situation, and in particular the most important competitors. In many industries, purchasing of customers has changed. Digital services such as web shops, hotlines, internet searches, social media and an efficient after-sales service are necessary tools. Without them, it will be difficult to survive in the market in the future.

Despite everything, it is people that will do business in the future. That is why the establishment and expansion of relationship networks is a decisive factor. Thanks to our long-standing membership in important purchasing associations and the consistent maintenance of contacts, we are very well connected in a wide variety of structures and are happy to make this network available to you.

Supply Chain Management

Stability is currently the highest goal of supply chain management and will keep us busy for a long time. In addition, the main challenge is to increase added value, minimize risks and set up second-source strategies or develop new suppliers. Supply chain management thus becomes the backbone of the production and sales process.

In addition to resilience, companies must increasingly consider sustainability aspects in the supply chains. To do this, it is necessary to understand the complex interrelationships of the resources used and to influence them in a positive manner.

From cost optimization in purchasing over logistics planning for internal value creation to planning and control in the ERP system: All functions in order processing are small adjustable wheels that should work perfectly in harmony together and work transparently.

Process optimization

A business process is understood to be a defined chain of activities that should lead to a desired result and benefit the company and the customer. With many processes the question arises, where is the benefit? Many processes were set up, changed and adapted a long time ago without considering today’s necessity. Many processes simply go wrong or are unnecessary. With “We have always done it like this.” and “I’m not responsible for that.”, every improvement approach is often nipped in the bud. There is enormous potential for rationalization here, which can often be exploited with little effort. This requires the willingness to rethink processes and question existing procedures in a structured manner.

The process-oriented way of thinking, i.e. thinking in terms of processes across all organizational levels, is a decisive success factor for sustainable efficiency increases through process optimization. A process is only optimal when nothing can be left out without deteriorating the result.

The task of many processes is to collect data, process it and transfer it to the right place. The question arises why is the information required, by whom and at what point in time? Here we may find that a lot of information is not (any longer) needed at all, would be much easier to get, or is in the wrong place at all. Eliminating this “waste” makes processes safer, more effective and generally saves working time.

We help with our coaching approach and convey techniques such as Kaizen, Poka Yoke or Lean Management and train your employees to optimize processes themselves and to think in lean processes. Because it is (unfortunately) a never-ending story that always comes with new challenges on the way.

Why is process optimization important?

Process optimization helps to use working time more sensibly. Reducing waste time is important, as the Fraunhofer Institute found in the “Lean Office 2019” study.

32% of the daily working time is wasted unproductively

Most of it is lost in poorly coordinated processes that result in idle times. This not only causes economic damage in the company itself, which has to face the more efficient competition, but also leads to dissatisfaction, stress and overload among employees.

Processes in offices are often under the radar. This is where the mistakes arise that are easiest to commit, are most difficult to find and have the most expensive effects with complicated consequences – unfortunately experience shows that.

Interims und Projektmanagement

There are leadership or project management positions that only need to be filled for a limited time. If managers are absent, are only available at a later point in time or the necessary skills for a temporary task do not exist in the company, interim management offers fast and efficient solutions.

The use of modern management methods and over 30 years of experience with complex or international projects in a wide variety of areas are our basis for mastering your challenge.

You can rely on competence, experience and a hands-on mentality. At the same time, we access an established network of experts in order to find the right solution for your task.

  • Temporary management
    Purchasing, logistics, supply chain, IT implementation and sales are our specialties
  • Management functions
    Department management, team management, management in small or medium-sized companies, and support of startups
  • Bridging vacancies
    The failure of some employees or managers can become critical. Quick familiarization with the task and good leadership ensure continuity.
  • Multi-project management
    Managing several projects at the same time and giving the project teams leadership is the top class in project management. We ensure that your projects run efficiently and on schedule.
  • Manage and finish critical projects
    Projects that have left the critical path, get out of hand in terms of time or costs are not uncommon. We operate damage limitation and finish your projects with the best possible result.

Complex topics often require professional support. We help you with your difficult business decisions and questions, solve problems with you or initiate change processes. Sometimes it’s just bottlenecks in the company, a lack of know-how or stalled topics and projects that can be solved much easier and faster with the help of an external manager.

Developing or relocating locations

Are you thinking of opening up a new location in Germany or Europe? Or would you like to relocate production and supply chains back to Europe?


Expansion to Germany

With this offer we are addressing foreign companies and investors who want to expand to Europe or Germany.

Penetrating a foreign market is always associated with high risks and uncertainties. As a contact on site, we help you quickly and comprehensively to meet all the requirements for a successful expansion.

We see ourselves as a service provider for the settlement of foreign companies in Germany. We support your company from concept development to go-live in the desired location.


Relocation back to Germany

Small and medium-sized enterprises often find it difficult to diversify their supply relationships. It is often difficult to establish and coordinate business relationships with several foreign suppliers. The dependencies, especially on Asian suppliers, became clear during the crisis. One way of countering this is to partially relocate the supply relationship back to Europe. It’s the goal to improve resilience of the economy through greater diversification in terms of suppliers and increased warehousing.

In order to avoid increased storage costs or high transport costs for emergencies with air freight in the long term, it might make sense to relocate the production of certain components, parts or products directly to Germany or the EU. Transport costs, routes and the dependency on foreign countries would decrease.
As an export nation, Germany is unlikely to bring back all of its production from abroad. However, there are indications that at least part of the production – namely that for critical or very important products – could be relocated back to Germany.

We would be happy to support you in these considerations and provide our expertise for the implementation of relocation projects. We may already have a solution to your problem in our large supplier network.


  • Bridge for customer activities in Germany
  • Bridging the cultural, legal and administrative differences between the country of origin and Germany.
  • We implement plans and goals of the customers in agreed time and costs.
  • We know the market and the regulations in Germany and Europe.
  • We have a large network in all economic areas and in politics.
  • We work long-term with experienced experts and practitioners who have already successfully completed similar projects.
  • Trust is the basis of our cooperation.

Germany is one of the most important target countries for investors. But there are many things to consider that can quickly become pitfalls. Starting with an EU-compliant website or the strict consumer protection laws, up to rigid protection against dismissal and the necessary understanding for the customer, there is a lot to consider in order to start a business quickly and successfully.

Our consulting approach

We also have adjusted the classic model of management consulting. Our team of specialists plans the entire change process with you and implements the adjustments in parallel with agile project management methods. Each specialist takes care of an area, a project coordinator ensures that the goal, costs and deadlines are not lost sight of.
We recommend best-practice software tools and processes that have been tested elsewhere and can be quickly adapted.

We don’t talk, we act.

You can trust that

We are interested in the successful development of your company. Our methods may sometimes be extraordinary, but they are proven and tested and aim for a long-term partnership.


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